Discover Cold Fusion Graphic Novel Cover

A discovery that could save a planet from mass extinction.

It was 1989 and two world class chemists had just been thrown from their quiet basement lab and into the global satellite spotlight after generating excess heat energy in tiny table-top beakers containing electrolyzed-metal and water. It was an energy breakthrough that could provide a next-generation atomic power from the hydrogen in water. But not everybody was happy, and the difficulty in reproducing this Anomalous Heat Effect caused the bulk of mainstream science to virulently reject the claims, banishing the science to oblivion.

But the heat keeps coming, and nothing can stop the few intrepid cold fusion researchers from finding the mechanism that produces this ultra-clean, energy-dense, scalable and de-centralized powercell – and save the planet, before it’s too late.

Based on true events, Discover Cold Fusion has text assembled by Ruby Carat and art by Matt Howarth. Research chemists and cold fusion scientists Michael McKubre and Melvin Miles consulted on historical and scientific elements.

The complex story of cold fusion is distilled into 32-pages of B&W comics and begins with a historical tour of human energy use.  Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons are introduced as scientists who discovered an atomic effect that contradicted the prevailing paradigm of nuclear theory, and threatened the identity – and funding – of conventional physicists. The newly discovered field of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science almost ended before it even began. But success is assured with the global cast of dedicated CMNS scientists on a mission to develop a new zero-carbon, ultra-clean energy technology for the planet, and our common future.

In many cases, actual reported quotes* are used as text.  Characters from agencies and government are shown symbolically as icons, not individuals, and some characters are amalgams of multiple people.

It is not “the” story of cold fusion, but “a” story of cold fusion, one of the millions of tales yet to be told.  This comic book story is only a slice of the continuing drama and excitement of the discovery of cold fusion

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They made the subject easy to understand, even by scientists. If your kids and grandkids have wondered what you do in science or how global warming can be prevented from ending civilization, here is the answer in easy to understand pictures. They have made the comic book into an entirely new tool for education.

Edmund Storms, author The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

I highly recommended this comic to anyone to have in a choice reading place in ones house, office or lab or to give as a present for a thinking significant other to enjoy.”

Bob Greenyer B. Eng. (Hons.), Director, Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project — WATCH Bob’s review on E-Cat World

I just got my copy and find it delightful.  Even Nikola Tesla makes a cameo appearance!

Terry Blanton

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READ an interview with Discover Cold Fusion script writer Ruby Carat by Christy Frazier, Managing Editor of Infinite Energy Magazine. [.pdf]

WATCH Ruby Carat present comics at the 22nd International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-22 Poster session [video] by Gennadiy Tarassenko

Graphic Artist Matt Howarth SCI-FI

HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion original soundtrack by musician, composer and experimentalist Esa Ruoho https://www.lackluster.ORG/

Limited Print Edition